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Well, right in the thick of the new year rush to update websites at the moment. Which is of course good for business but less good for the hairline.

Responsive is still the thing, though i am still not convinced that it should always be ‘the thing’. I suspect some websites would be better served by a desktop site and a mobile version (thanks to WPTouch for the WordPress plugin.

And as for Responsive templates. I still like the plain Genesis theme to build on. Though all these many Live Composer, Virtual Composer plugins do make for interesting  times, though not clients are going  to find them easy. With that in mind this Divi theme seems pretty easy and nice. I do worry about the speed of responsive web sites though. they can be slow.

Which takes me to Symfony, Bootstrap 3 and the whole custom backend and custom front end. Not an easy thing  to get one’s head around – and the benefits?? tying  in your customer to expensive edits and expensive new designer / programmers?? I had a long document rom  school recently saying  it did not want a custom backend – i had to use WordPress. that was refreshing . You  can take a wordpress site to anyone and they will be able to help/host etc.. But custommade…

So. Here i am hopefully coming  to the end of my first custommade site and i am very much looking  forward to it being  over.