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here’s something i just took far too long trying to work out. so:

  1. Go to Appearance>Menus>MainMenu
  2. MAke sure you  can see Product Category box in left box – if not go to  Screen Options tab (top right of page) and tick Product Category
  3. Then add product Categories to menu
  4. drag and drop to taste
  5. Save

2 hours of my life wasted.

not to mention 2 hours on Calendarize it trying  to get Content to appear in popup box – turn out it needs to be in excerpt!

Calendarize it rules:

  1. make pages for events, calndars etc and link to them in  Options
  2. make sure you  have permalinks set up
  3. ad content to Excerpts too

or go with Timely, or the other one??