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back in  the mod-noughties, joomla 1.5 era, when i first started doing  CMS sites i did quite a few in  Joomla. I never really liked it and as soonm as i discovered WordPress i moved to that (via a brief stint with Expression Engine – which was brilliant).

And just now i was asked to update a Joomla site from 1.5 to 3 and apply a modern template. I reckoned on 3-5 hours. It took 5 days. It was complete hell.

I think the reason is this: with WordPress you  need to know some HTML and CSS, and as you  pick up  your coding  skills WP gets easier plus these skills are useful elsewhere. As i already knew a fair bit of coding from the previous 8 years of htmling this was ok.

But Joomla is trying  to be code free for the non-coder. But all that means is that you  have to learn/discover/workout all sorts of Joomla skills that are utterly useless elsewhere.

You  have to learn as much joomla stuff as you  would code but its not useable anywhere else.

Anyway, please try to remember to be very wary of taking  on  joomla jobs – they are a nightmare.