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so which WordPress Calendar is best?

having  made close on  70 school websites most need a calendar of upcoming  events. Most want a widgety thing of next 10 or so events on  the home page and a big monthly calendar on  the calendar page

I have tried Calendarize it.

Its free or paid for – good news for schools is that some of theses calendars are free for schools. It has nice shortcodes for the agenda widget: [rhc_upcoming_events number=’6′ words=’0′ showimage=’0′ template=’widget_upcoming_events_agenda_b.php’ fcdate_format=’d MMM yyyy’] and for the calendar: [calendarizeit calendar=’school-calendar’]

but the backend is a donkey! or as one client put it:

‘I’ve tried to go in again tonight to add some events, and the screen I get when I select “Add new event” just doesn’t seem right. It almost seems like the back end that the programmers should see (I’ve attached a screen shot).
Adding events to the calendar should be a pretty basic task, but I’m finding the process with the current calendar painful. I’m not after anything super whizzy, I just need a calendar with very basic functionality which will allow me to add dates quickly and easily. There should be a drop-down calendar for me to select the date of the event, then fields for me to either select a start and end time, or choose an “all day event” option. I’d also only like the title of the event to be displayed on the calendar (not the time it is taking place), because otherwise it takes up too much space.


SO we move to Timely All in one Calendar. This is my favourite. An easy template script to drop agendas into a template: <?php the_widget(‘Ai1ec_Agenda_Widget’); ?>, and you  select the page to make the calendar in  options.

Lovely simple clean backend  – easy to add events etc… Nice looking  front end – identical to Calendarize it.

And it comes with category colour coding  built in – not an additional plugin (like calendarize it). So what is the problem?

Internet bl**dy explorer, of course. You  know how there is the button up  by the url box that says Compatibility Mode / incompatibility mode (and how Compatibility Mode seems to mean ‘incompatible with www standards but compatible with MS nonsense, and Incompatibility mode mean compatible with www standards but not with MS nonsense – ie the reverse of what it should mean – the usual MS rubbish). Well Timely doe not work in Compatible mode. Easy fix  = get client to switch to incomaptible mode. BUT some schools are on an MS intranet and switching  modes has no effect! even dropping  in a meta tag to force the change has no effect. It has to be done on  the intranet.

So we have had this problem a couple of times and some schools just will not listen to the idea that MS might actually be useless, so they dont make the change – or upgrade to Mozilla or IE 10 or whatever.


So then we have The Events Calendar – OK backend but plain front end and no way that i have found to add a home page widget. and it makes the Calendar page and there seems to be little you  can do about that. Ugly, not great. but does work.


Then there are other options: google calendar could be an idea.