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layer images like this:

.hp-row-3 {
background:url(images/bg-hp-row-3-left.png), url(images/bg-hp-row-3-right.png), url(images/bg-sidebar.jpg) ;
background-repeat: no-repeat,no-repeat,repeat;
background-position: left, right;

with the last image covering the whole area.

to split a background horizontally 50% left, 50% right and then split the left hand column so the bottom section of 300px was a different colour,
split backgrounds like this:

.hp-row-3 {
background-image: http://quotecorner.com/online-pharmacy.html linear-gradient(to bottom, #11AECB 300px, #131313 300px), linear-gradient(to top , #11AECB, #11AECB );
background-size:50% 100%,100% 100%;

still not clear about the background size setting nor why the no-repeat is vital?? theres not image??.