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a client was asking  about their google analytics so i thought i would take a look. I had set it up  beofer folk began having  their own google account so it was in  my account.

So i logged in and have been trying  to find it ever since. Seems a few others can’t find them either:

Hi all what have google done? when i used to sign in to google and click my picture on the top right i used to click “account” and this took me to a page which listed all the different things i do on google like analytics or webmaster http://www.mindanews.com/buy-accutane/ tools or say blogger. This has gone and all i see now is my profile? If i want to use analytics i have to search google for the url to look at my account? Anyone any ideas? So backwards

Its pretyt difficult to know what to do. supposedly they appear if you  click on  the 9 dots in  a square at the top right – but no webmastery things get listed.

the next option is to find them (?) get the link and add them to your favourite/useful links (?)

mystery in  progress – but i am fairly sure i am being  dumb.