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i spent most of yesterday trying  to change the Gravity Forms placeholder text color in css. I got nowhere.

Eventually i passed it on  to a friend who worked it out:

/* gform placeholders*/
::-webkit-input-placeholder { color:#FFF; }
:-moz-placeholder { opacity: 1; color:#FFF; } /* Firefox 18- */
::-moz-placeholder { opacity: 1; color:#FFF; } /* firefox 19+ */
:-ms-input-placeholder { color:#FFF; } /* ie */
input:-moz-placeholder { color:#FFF; }


he put this at the end of my style.css.

I dont know whether its important to put it at the end or not. I had most of this in  the http://www.besttramadolonlinestore.com middle and it didn’t work. But then i mainly use Opera and it still doesn’t work in  that and when i checked in  Firefox i wasn’t using  the opacity line. so maybe it could have worked. I am curious as to whether it only takes the 3 colour number though. Anyway he could me out of a tricky situation.

I also spent a long time trying various ids and classes to pinpoint the placeholder – they had no effect.