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I moved to opera in 2000/2001 when it had adverts in the header. It was the browser that actually conformed to web standards and therefore made website building possible, when Interent Explorer was doing its whole world domination thing and breaking the internet.
The fact that it had email built in was such a bonus – especially when i saw how Outlook express would collapse under the weight of 64,000 emails, opera mail would just go on and on.

then as other browsers started to appear, firefox, chromium, chrome, it still seemed better, faster and safer – and it worked with linux.

All good, i even preferred its View Source.

But nw with opera 26, mail is no longer part of Opera. In fact it just looks like a rebranded Chrome. I can still use the old Opera mail but it looks like they wont be doing one for Linux anytime soon. And the old opera and the new opera dont get on too well – they seem to be making each other unstable.

So i guess i will have to move to Thunderbird or Evolution soon.

I am not sure if i will even bother keeping Opera -i may as well just use Chromium like everyone else (who uses Chrome).