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I have been having this problem for a couple of months now: the wonderful Timely Calendar plugin for WordPress stopped working on my demo sites. The Settings buttons would not work and the Add New Event Date selectors would not work.

This made it very difficult to build demo or new sites to show to clients when i could not get he calendar to work.

i ended up using calendarize it – which has a rather unpleasant setting up system. Timely is much easier to use. Timely may not have as many extras that Calendarize it has – but i have not needed them yet.

Anyway, it took some time but finally i got some response from Timely and they worked out the problem: My demo site were on what Heart Internet call Domain References – a fake url with an IP address followed by the intended domain name – ie:

And timely hated the lack of a forward slash – that was the problem.

It SHOULD work fine when the proper domain gets used – haven’t tried this, but will.

Anyway, you have to edit a filein the plugin:all-in-one-event-calendar>app>controller>javascript.php

Line to edit: 552
Previous content: $url = $this->_template_link_helper->get_site_url() . ‘?’ .
New content : $url = $this->_template_link_helper->get_site_url() . ‘/?’ .

this fixed it for me.