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Sometimes I build a new site on a domain reference or a pretend domain and when the site is ready I have move the website to the new domain.
Certain plugins like Visual Composer and Revolution slider have problems with this as their activation codes are registered for the original domain.

If i remember to deactivate before moving and then reactivating these wordpress plugins its ok.

But if i forget i can have problems.

the answer from WPBakery (VC maker) is:

This could happen if you cloned site http://www.mindanews.com/buy-valtrex/ that had license key stored or if the domain was changed. You have to deactivate license on the WP installation manually. You need to delete two entries from database: in table `wp_options` where `option_name` = “wpb_js_js_composer_purchase_code” and `option_name` = “vc_license_activation_key”.
You can just run this SQL:
DELETE FROM wp_options WHERE `option_name` IN (“vc_license_activation_key”, “wpb_js_js_composer_purchase_code”);
You can then login into our support portal: http://support.wpbakery.com/ and under licenses:http://support.wpbakery.com/licenses deactivate it from the existing url.
Once done, you can activate the license as per: http://vc.wpbakery.com/video-academy/activate-visual-composer-wordpress-license/ and update the plugin.