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Which Responsive Framework for WordPress is a question thats been bugging me for a couple of years a reponsive sites continue to develop and become more important.

I have been building wordpress sites using the Skeleton Theme from Hybrid for 5 years or so and i still use it for desktop sites. It is brilliant in that it is a completely blank child theme and with the Hybrid Hook Widgets and Widget Logic plugins you  can pretty well do anything  a designer or client asks.

But responsive sites are not its strong point. I have tried to use their responsive themes and not found them able to do what iwant  – though knowing  what that is is difficult in itself – Responsive is a strange beast.

I have also had to look after a site with Foundation, and that was incredebile, but hellish.

This site uses the Responsive theme from Cyberschimps. But again its not a great site – is it! My fault though i should spend more time on it – but i dont have the time.

Oh yes i have also done a lot with Woothemes, mainly ecommerce for which i think its great.

Which Responsive Framework for WordPress?

So what am i going for? Genesis. not just becasue they were the first paid band i ever saw (3 side live tour in Leeds) ut becasue it seems they put things i think are important first: SEO and speed. It gets good write ups so am about to try it on my first site.

We will see how it goes.