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WordPress 5 and Divi Editor update problems!

Well that was a jump. I dare sya we were warned but when you open up Pages in WordPress Admin and find… nothing, no way to edit the page, its all gone.

So after the blind panic what do you do?

Well if you are in a hurry, then install the plugin Classic Editor by WordPress Contributors. Install that and everything is back to normal.

At some point i suspect that this editor will stop being  developed. Hopefully not for a year or two, but it will happen. Probably because the new system is, well.. better.

Its a front end editor now. I hate front end editors, but i thin kthey are the way things are going, and i suspect that in a few years time i will start to like it.

So, Go to Pages and under the page title (before you click on the page title to edit the page) click on ‘Edit With Divi Builder’ and you will see yourself looking at the page from the front end.

Put your mouse over the elements and the row and module editors appear. And + signs to add new rows. The pruple button at the bottom opens the Save button.

It takes time to get the hang of this new editor but hopefully it will work out for the better.

Good Luck!