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I don’t have an ipad. I do have a Sansei N10 that i bought direct from China and was probably a waste of money – not that my son thinks so.

But sometimes, twice actually, the client has phoned up to say that the background is not showing up correctly on his ipad.

iPad backround not 100%

iPad backround not 100%

This has actually happened before and i can’t remember what i did.

Thats why i am doing this blog – to help me rememebr what i did – a notepad that also happens to be good for search engines.

WordPress Backgrounds not 100% in iPads

QUICK ANSWER: as the page width is set to  1016px i added min-width: 1016px; to the body tag.

It now works.

I am not totally happy about this. I cannot explain why. I have a feeling  this may cause other problems.

There are many solutions online for WordPress Backgrounds not 100% in iPads like here,  

UPDATE 12 feb 2014. Just did it to html tag – worked as well.